Inbound Voice Support

Any company wants a customer to be loyal towards the company be with them for life. They key towards achieving this is how the customers are treated and if you are one of those companies who takes pride in how you pamper and treat your customers, then we at AADI also share the same feeling. We understand the initiatives and the cost that has been incurred to acquire a single customer and the importance of retaining them and we at AADI can help create a positive experience with your customers that leads to loyal and repeat customers as our support professionals treat all our client’s customers as their own whether it is via voice, email or chat. Our support professionals have the experience and expertise to make customers happy.

With the capability to integrate with client systems and cutting edge technology including Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Cloud Routing of calls to multiple locations between India and Philippines, we specialize in offering mid-sized businesses with the same high quality inbound call center solutions that a bigger company enjoys.


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